Our Story

My second love story with my ancestral farm in Jaipur.

I grew up at this farm with cows and fields all around. We used to stay in an open field farm 40 years back.Then, I grew up and did B.E (Electrical) and MBA to get qualified to get into the concrete jungle and so called professional world (nothing actually but a rat race).

In 2014 I came back to this much smaller, safer version of our farm and decided to make a peaceful retreat for family and friends to just chit chat, have fun and understand wellness.
It was a complete mess at that time. I first of all put up this 8 feet high wall around a two bigha piece of heaven. What you see now is green, piece and tranquility with 4 basic but very comfortable air-conditioned rooms and two swimming pools (Adults pool and a children’s pool)  with as much green as I could put in here. Home made food, lot of birds, rabbits and my two dogs are our speciality.

Play, swim and sun bathe with our home made food made to your orders. 

It took me 45 years to discover my real passion and I very humbly welcome you to share a part of it with you.

Looking forward to hosting you.